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Grace-Ful-Rose reserves the right to retain any kid or kids born on our farm for any reason at anytime.  If we have taken a deposit* on the kid or kids and for any reason we are unable to sell you the kid(s) you put a deposit on, your deposit will be refunded unless there is another kid available that you would like instead. 

Kids are generally sold on a first come first serve basis and deposits are not typically accepted, if you are interested in placing a deposit on a particular pairing please review the kidding schedule and contact us for more details.  Bottle babies must be picked up by 3 weeks of age and dam raised babies must be picked up by 8 weeks of age, any reserved kid left longer than 8 weeks will be charged $1.50 per day boarding fee and after 11 weeks old your reservation will be considered canceled and your deposit will NOT be refunded.   If a deposit is accepted it will be a $100.00 Non-refundable deposit per reserved kid(s). Deposit is only refundable if the kid or kids of your choice are not available.  If you place a deposit on an unborn kids or kids and then refuse a certain kid or kids based on color or other aesthetic variables your deposit will NOT be refunded or if you change your mind for any reason your deposit will NOT be refunded.

Dis-budding: We dis-bud all goats born on our farm by 10 days of age.  We are happy to keep a goat with horns for you, but the animal must be paid in FULL or it will be dis-budded at 10-14 days of age because there is a limited market for goats with horns. 

We make no guarantee as to the health of our goats after they leave our farm.  Stress of weaning and travel can bring on illness that was not present at the time the goat left the farm.  We do not guarantee the fertility of does or bucks.  We do not guarantee height, milk production, future health, possible scurs, show quality or confirmation; these characteristics are not and will not be guaranteed.  We do our best to make informed decisions about pairings; however even the best pairings do not always produce quality stock.   When purchasing a goat you are purchasing a package of genetic potential that cannot be guaranteed to produce quality animals. 

All goats sold from our farm come with ADGA registration paper work and the buyer is responsible to pay any fees associated with registering the animal in their name.   Most goats are also dual registered with AGS or can be if that is a registry you choose to utilize. 

Kid naming: We generally allow buyers to choose the name of the goat they purchase, however Grace-Ful-Rose reserves the right to choose the registered name of any kid(s) born on our farm. In some cases we follow a parents naming scheme or because the name has already been chosen in the past it cannot be used again.  Naming a goat is part of the fun and we will allow most to name the kid(s) they purchase, but this may not always be possible due to the above mentioned items.  Sometimes kids(s) will follow a theme such as Nature, Flowers, Trees or kids movies for a particular goat.

*Deposit:  We generally do not take a deposit, but if you are interested in placing a deposit for a particular pairing please contact VIA email.  When deposits are accepted you will pay the price that is in place at the time the deposit is accepted.  Deposits are NON refundable unless the kid(s) of your choice are retained or not available. 

Prices/availability: Prices for each kid(s), does and bucks, can be changed at anytime with or without notice.   Bucks will not generally be offered from our farm except from exceptional pairings.  Bucks may be offered for a short time frame at buck price before being offered as wethers at a reduced price.  If you are interested in wethers please contact us and we will put on you a waiting list for possible wethers.

Planned Breeding: Grace-Ful-Rose farm reserves to the right to change any planned breeding at anytime for any reason without notice. 

We will do our best to give you any and all information we have available based on our experiences.  Having waded through unclear practices and polices with goat breeders we know that it can be daunting not knowing what to ask and when or even what to look for and how to determine what is the best fit for the needs of your household.   Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have before purchasing has been a rewarding enjoyable experience for us, but it can and does at times become a monumental task if you are not fully prepared.  

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